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Quantum Messenger Teaser

PROLOGUE ‘No one knows me by name but I have been given many. I know everything about you and every mind who has ever looked up and wondered, Why? I know your darkest secrets and every truth ...

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Lost Frequencies: Iyeeka Vs Earth

Writers draw inspiration from the world around them, and this couldn’t be truer for myself when I wrote Lost Frequencies. I wrote a sci-fi/fantasy book with many parallels to modern day Earth in...

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Lost Frequencies Character Inspiration

Art by Nera Bui, Lost Frequencies Character Inspiration When we think of other lifeforms existing on other planets today, many people assume that these lifeforms, if they ...

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Inspiration For Lost Frequencies (The Soul Prophecies)

Lost Frequencies began as an accumulation of two big ideas, one being the idea of another planet with conscious life and two being the idea of an existence after death. The universe is an unfathomabl...

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Book 1 and 2: Anomaly and prequel Hidden Variables – collectively, Another Path   Book 3: Lost Frequencies *      Book 4: The Quantum Messenger *   The Soul Pro...

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My Thoughts & Ideas Behind ‘Anomaly' (The Soul Prophecies)

Ok, so please accept my apologies, this blog has turned into an essay and it has been a long time coming. I’ve wanted to write about the ideas behind the science concepts and suggestions which f...

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Diary of a Young Writer

I am currently running a series on OUTLET PUBLISHING's blog called Diary of a Young Writer. Here I discuss writing tips and run a few creative writing games and prompts.   You can read it here...

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Guess What Arrived?

Anomaly! I guess the real work starts now! Anomaly is released Jan 28th 2016   ...

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Happy New Year

January 2016 is almost upon us. 30 Days until Anomaly: The Soul Prophecies is released. The website is up as you can see, and we also have a book page: I will keep this upd...

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